Angel Investments

Helping startups tackling problems in healthcare, education, technology

  • Volute 

    Volute extends the value of executive and professional programs to alumni and all employees of business schools’ clients, through member subscriptions to microlearning Series, available on the job, complete with Watch Parties and After Parties.

  • Teamble

    Teamble makes 360 feedback simple, continuous, and actionable. Featured as the #1 HR, Productivity & Work From Home App in Microsoft Teams and Slack App Stores. Trusted by 1500+ organizations on Slack and Teams. Start for free today.

  • Vidatronic

    Vidatronic specializes in enhancing the efficiency and performance of the world’s electronic devices by licensing analog intellectual property (IP) cores for integration into systems on a chip (SoCs), including integrated power management unit (PMU) solutions, analog circuitry, security IP, and other technology development projects.

  • Gravie

    We partner with brokers across the nation to improve the way people purchase and access healthcare.

  • Yes VC

    Hello! We are Yes VC, comprised of Caterina Fake, Jyri Engeström, Julie Liao and David Pickerell. We fund great companies at the Pre-Seed and Seed stages.