Focusing on technology created from and deployed through wise, creative, and plain solutions.  Areas of interest including particular attention Technology and Blockchains, Big Data and Big Analytics, and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Technology and Blockchains

Broad technology with emphasis in blockchains and crypto systems and applications.

Big Data and Big Analytics

Data structures and data analysis including big data and data science.

Machine Learning / AI

Connections between software and data around algorithms and machine learning.


Angel Investing: Interested in companies using technology effectively to build data products and making active investments in them across multiple markets. 

6ixth Event: Focused on impact from deep socio-demographic drivers meeting emerging technology.


Entrepreneur & Investor; Partner at 6ixth Event | Cataclysmic Capital. 2x Entrepreneur. Sold both companies (1st in Q4 2008; 2nd to a Public Company). Turned Founder-First Angel Investor.

"Let's map it out."

– Piri Reis

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